Samsung Electronics has launched the latest addition to its Galaxy Note family, the Galaxy Note 5, in Nigeria. Blending an advanced S-Pen with superior viewing experience, the Galaxy Note 5 provides users with a unique and powerful mobile experience.

The device was formally unveiled at a media launch, which took place in Lagos on Wednesday, October 7, 2015.

Samsung continues to improve the Note series with every new version. Crafted with metal and glass, the Galaxy Note 5 boasts a beautiful screen, suite of helpful productivity apps to accompany its super precise stylus, the S-Pen. In addition, it is the first device to come loaded with 4GB of RAM. The device also features a curved backside, perfect for the edges of your palm.

“Smartphones have become so central to our lives; so has the demand for larger screens,” said
Mr. Brovo Kim, Managing Director, Samsung Electronics West Africa. “The first galaxy Note was
a breakthrough, not just for Samsung but for the entire industry. Bigger screens have gone from
nice-to-have to a must-have and the display once called a gimmick is now the norm. With the
Note 5, our customers can achieve more with their devices, quickly write down ideas and notes
at meetings or wherever inspiration strikes, video conferencing with colleagues or family
delivering an immersive viewing experience,” he added.

The beautifully designed Note 5 flaunts a 5.7-inch screen with QHD Super AMOLED display,
which allows for clearer videos and images. The larger screen size is also great for productivity,
as emails can be penned quickly, editing and cropping photos and videos are much easier, and
reading an ebook is possible without having to bump up the font size.

Samsung has enhanced the S-Pen, which continues to be one of the integral features of the Note. The stylus has been upgraded with a clicky top and a nib that looks more like a ballpoint pen. The little wave of shortcut buttons, which appear on the screen when the stylus is popped out, can easily be customized and the device will send an alert whenever the stylus is not in its holster.

Another exceptional feature of the S-Pen is the ability to write on the screen without unlocking
the device. If the screen is off and the Instant Memo feature is enabled, users can whip out the
pen and just start writing. Whatever is jotted down automatically gets sucked into S Note when
done, making it so much faster to start writing. With the Instant Memo feature, users do not
need to unlock the device, launch a memo app and create a new memo before jotting down;
simply pop out the pen and start writing.

With an octa-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and 3,000mAh battery pack, this is definitely one of the most powerful Note devices available in the market. Thanks to the extra memory space, apps are loaded in the fastest memory available without unnecessary hiccups or slowing down of the device. The extra RAM also means having 15+ apps open in the background does not impact the performance of the Note, and this is certainly a welcome improvement.

Another thrilling feature of the device is the Live Broadacast, which allows users to share or broadcast a video in real time over YouTube. With this feature, users can easily share special occasions as they happen with up to 20 family and friends in real time. An additional exciting feature is the video collage. Here, Samsung took the photo collages a step further into videos.

Users can combine multiple short videos and make them into one single video, giving each video a different look and feel. One can be in slow motion while another black and white in a single video giving users exhilarating collage of videos that can be uploaded to different social media platforms.

Emmanouil Revmatas, Director, Hand Held Products, Samsung Electronics West Africa, said the company is aware that customers desire a big brilliant display but not a bulky device, causing them to choose between screen size and portability. “At Samsung, we did not think that was a choice our customers had to make. With the Note 5, they have a big display in a slimmer package. The Note 5 is an intuitive and efficient device; it is the Galaxy re-defined, re-imagined
and re-designed,” Revmatas stated.

Other exciting features of the device include the Scroll Capture Feature, which allows users to capture multiple scrolls of a webpage. The screenshot is saved as an extra-long image file in the  Gallery app, which users can then pinch and zoom for more details. S-Pen Air Commands pops up as soon as the pen is ejected from its internal holster, or when the stylus' tiny side button is clicked while hovering over the display. These commands act as shortcuts to the Memos app as well as screen-cropping Smart Select and full screenshot Screen Write. There is a special option
in Screen Write that lets you capture an entire page; so piecing together multiple screenshots
for web pages or text conversations is a thing of the past.

The Galaxy Note 5 is available in single and dual SIM versions and users can opt for either the 32GB or 64GB option. Customers can also choose from a range of colors, including Sapphire Black, White Pearl, Titanium Silver and Gold Platinum.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies, redefining the worlds of TVs, smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, cameras, digital appliances, printers, medical equipment, network systems, and semiconductor and LED solutions. Samsung is also leading in the Internet of Things space through, among others, Smart Home and Digital Health initiatives. We employ 307,000 people across 84 countries with annual sales of about US $196 billion. To discover more, please visit our official website at www.samsung.com and our official blog at global.samsungtomorrow.com.
After a short absence from the scene to develop his craft. Artist/ Music Producer Ace (@SuperstarAce) returns with a new single
“Lati London” which he teams up with prolific hit maker Shizzi to co-produce. After the release of his previous singles " SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT”, “DOMINATE” , “JEJE”. Ace took time off for a short promotional trip to London.

Lati London has a feel good vibe with pulsating synths,wobble baselines and heavy AfroBeat drum patterns which gets you on your dancing feet in no time. Ace’s style is what he calls Afro-Fusion and is guaranteed to get you dancing.

He is an Independent artist signed to the Glitterati House / Glitterati Records Imprint.

Download Lati London

JRB is group of 3 Nigerian, who started their journey back in Leadcity University Ibadan JCruiz, Reckon and Benj [JRB] they came together has group in 2015 after some solo singles back to back.

After dropping different sigles individually, JRB comes as a group to present their first debut "Jaiye" a party jam that'll keep you relaxed after a busy work day. On 'Jaiye@ they hired the professionalism of hit Producer, D-Tunes.

With due respect welcome the latest sensational hiphop group, "JRB"

DOWNLOAD JRB – “Jaiye” (Prod. By D’Tunes)

DearXsT, Davies Ayomide Rapheal (Nigerian Born) Is An International Artist Based In QatarDearXST is set to bring the international music to Africa as well as taking African music to the international world. The ball is set rolling hard, with the release of his debut Single "Motilowo"

On "Motilowo" he teams up with insightful producer; Dre-Sticks.  "Motilowo"' spins a tale off the balance between a party anthem and afro pop music.

DearXsT is not only ready to make a mark in the industry he's also ready to team up with the "A Listers" With due respect Welcome DearXsT, another afro-pop artiste to look out for.

According to a ranking system created by Arton Capital, a financial advisory firm, the Nigerian passport is ranked 57th in the world and its holders can visit 61 countries without a visa/ getting visa on arrival.

Travelstart, an online travel agency in Nigeria looked over this ranking index – Passport Index and learnt that Nigeria holds the same rank on the passport ranking as with Tunisia, Zambia, Mali, Namibia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Tanzania and Bahrain.

Please read more on  Travelstart website.
One of Nigeria’s foremost Social Media Enterprise, Shawttynatt Media known for its Influence in Digital Communication is set to unveil a unique initiative named - THEHIGHFLYERNG.

The HighflyerNG is a platform created to celebrate the passion, drive and entrepreneurial spirit of distinguish individuals. Whether in social venture, business or a project in the workplace, motivation plays a major role in success; The high flyer is focused on bringing the people behind ground-breaking  success stories to the limelight to motivate, inspire and impact the society at large.

The high flyer is a true entrepreneur who gets things done to achieve results not because he is a boss, he gets things done because they needed to be done - People who IMPACT! The high flyer is an individual that sees no limitation, gives no room for impossibilities, the sky is never their limit as a matter of fact, and the sky is the starting point for The Highflyer. They are proactive goal getters from different walks of life, committed individuals who work relentlessly to achieve phenomenal success. 

The highflyer goes from that your neighbour that bought a house from baking cupcake, to the successful furniture maker down your street, to that makeup artist that made Kate Henshaw look beautiful on the red carpet, to that producer of Davido’s hit jam, The Interior Decorator, Event planner, Fashion designer and so much more.  We are not celebrating the Celebrities but people who work to ensure that their success story is written in gold. 

The first season of the highflyer is due to premiere online and on our social media channels on 3rd of August 2015 and a fresh episode every week on our platforms.  Get ready to explore with us, get ready to discover with us.

Twitter/Instagram: @thehighflyerng
You can use #TheHighFlyerNG to check for updates across all channels

We are open to partnership, participation and sponsorship; you can email us at thehighflyerng@gmail.com or call us on 08096578015 or 08035296213
Dell today became the first storage array provider to announce adoption of the industry’s newest, highest-density and lowest-cost-for-performance enterprise flash drives, helping organisations of all sizes to significantly reduce costs associated with storing and managing their valuable data and IT applications.

This means Dell now can offer Dell Storage SC4020 enterprise-class all-flash solutions for as low as €1.50 (EU) per gigabyte street price, and as low as 53 cents (EU) per gigabyte for typical hybrid flash configurations, allowing organisations to receive faster access to critical data for lower than ever storage costs.

According to Research Director, Storage Systems, IDC, Eric Burgener, “Dell’s unique intelligent data placement strategy allows different types of flash storage—SLC, MLC and TLC—to be efficiently deployed in multiple tier architectures that can be more cost-effective than single tier flash-based arrays.

 “Dell’s announcement of flash drives built on TLC 3D NAND technology puts them in the storage density lead at 45TB per rack unit for flash-based arrays and drops the dollar per gigabyte cost of enterprise flash storage to roughly the same cost as 15K RPM HDDs—with significantly higher performance. ‘’

Burgener added that Dell had achieved significant growth in flash adoption, growing Dell Storage SC Series all-flash and hybrid flash revenue 89 per cent;  year over year in the first quarter of 2015.

Speaking in the same vein, the Vice President and General Manager, Dell Storage said that, “As the first array vendor to announce support for this latest flash technology, Dell continues to redefine the economics of enterprise storage and tear down cost barriers to flash adoption.”

Atkinson added, “With these advancements, we can substantially reduce the cost of high-performing, flash-optimised arrays while also cranking-up the performance of affordable, general purpose arrays. Customers can purchase or update existing arrays to benefit from the performance and density of enterprise flash at unparalleled costs.”
Dell’s modern, virtualized storage array architecture enables an inventive approach to intelligently leverage multiple flash types in the same array based on workload goals and usage patterns. With Dell’s patented Data Progression intelligent data placement technology and the release of Dell Storage Center 6.6 array software, Dell Storage SC Series arrays can adopt and optimise new Mainstream RI flash drives based on TLC 3D NAND.

These Mainstream RI drives are the industry’s lowest-cost per gigabyte, highest-density enterprise flash drives, enabling Dell to offer SSDs at approximately the same price per gigabyte as high-end 15K HDDs and up to 24 times performance improvement, up to six times the density, lower latency and lower power consumption.

Dell’s flash-optimised Data Progression software allows Dell and its customers to uniquely leverage leading edge flash technologies to create more affordable, high-performance solutions.
In flash-optimised solutions, Dell now offers arrays that combine the new Mainstream RI flash drives with highest-performing Write-Intensive (WI) flash drives. With this approach, intelligent array software steers all writes to the higher endurance flash and manages writes to the lower cost Mainstream RI drives. This lowers the overall cost of Dell’s enterprise flash array solutions while maintaining high performance.

Dell’s new drive, include the Dell Storage SC8000, SC4020 and SCv2000 Series with hybrid flash or all-flash array configurations. The Dell Storage SC4020 can provide a complete 90 terabyte array in only 2U of rack space, and Storage SC8000 arrays can support 62 percent more flash for a total of up to 3 petabytes of raw flash capacity in a single array.

Dell new flash drives which are available in in capacities up to 3.8 terabytes, will be available from August 2015.