DearXsT, Davies Ayomide Rapheal (Nigerian Born) Is An International Artist Based In QatarDearXST is set to bring the international music to Africa as well as taking African music to the international world. The ball is set rolling hard, with the release of his debut Single "Motilowo"

On "Motilowo" he teams up with insightful producer; Dre-Sticks.  "Motilowo"' spins a tale off the balance between a party anthem and afro pop music.

DearXsT is not only ready to make a mark in the industry he's also ready to team up with the "A Listers" With due respect Welcome DearXsT, another afro-pop artiste to look out for.

According to a ranking system created by Arton Capital, a financial advisory firm, the Nigerian passport is ranked 57th in the world and its holders can visit 61 countries without a visa/ getting visa on arrival.

Travelstart, an online travel agency in Nigeria looked over this ranking index – Passport Index and learnt that Nigeria holds the same rank on the passport ranking as with Tunisia, Zambia, Mali, Namibia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Tanzania and Bahrain.

Please read more on  Travelstart website.
One of Nigeria’s foremost Social Media Enterprise, Shawttynatt Media known for its Influence in Digital Communication is set to unveil a unique initiative named - THEHIGHFLYERNG.

The HighflyerNG is a platform created to celebrate the passion, drive and entrepreneurial spirit of distinguish individuals. Whether in social venture, business or a project in the workplace, motivation plays a major role in success; The high flyer is focused on bringing the people behind ground-breaking  success stories to the limelight to motivate, inspire and impact the society at large.

The high flyer is a true entrepreneur who gets things done to achieve results not because he is a boss, he gets things done because they needed to be done - People who IMPACT! The high flyer is an individual that sees no limitation, gives no room for impossibilities, the sky is never their limit as a matter of fact, and the sky is the starting point for The Highflyer. They are proactive goal getters from different walks of life, committed individuals who work relentlessly to achieve phenomenal success. 

The highflyer goes from that your neighbour that bought a house from baking cupcake, to the successful furniture maker down your street, to that makeup artist that made Kate Henshaw look beautiful on the red carpet, to that producer of Davido’s hit jam, The Interior Decorator, Event planner, Fashion designer and so much more.  We are not celebrating the Celebrities but people who work to ensure that their success story is written in gold. 

The first season of the highflyer is due to premiere online and on our social media channels on 3rd of August 2015 and a fresh episode every week on our platforms.  Get ready to explore with us, get ready to discover with us.

Twitter/Instagram: @thehighflyerng
You can use #TheHighFlyerNG to check for updates across all channels

We are open to partnership, participation and sponsorship; you can email us at thehighflyerng@gmail.com or call us on 08096578015 or 08035296213
Dell today became the first storage array provider to announce adoption of the industry’s newest, highest-density and lowest-cost-for-performance enterprise flash drives, helping organisations of all sizes to significantly reduce costs associated with storing and managing their valuable data and IT applications.

This means Dell now can offer Dell Storage SC4020 enterprise-class all-flash solutions for as low as €1.50 (EU) per gigabyte street price, and as low as 53 cents (EU) per gigabyte for typical hybrid flash configurations, allowing organisations to receive faster access to critical data for lower than ever storage costs.

According to Research Director, Storage Systems, IDC, Eric Burgener, “Dell’s unique intelligent data placement strategy allows different types of flash storage—SLC, MLC and TLC—to be efficiently deployed in multiple tier architectures that can be more cost-effective than single tier flash-based arrays.

 “Dell’s announcement of flash drives built on TLC 3D NAND technology puts them in the storage density lead at 45TB per rack unit for flash-based arrays and drops the dollar per gigabyte cost of enterprise flash storage to roughly the same cost as 15K RPM HDDs—with significantly higher performance. ‘’

Burgener added that Dell had achieved significant growth in flash adoption, growing Dell Storage SC Series all-flash and hybrid flash revenue 89 per cent;  year over year in the first quarter of 2015.

Speaking in the same vein, the Vice President and General Manager, Dell Storage said that, “As the first array vendor to announce support for this latest flash technology, Dell continues to redefine the economics of enterprise storage and tear down cost barriers to flash adoption.”

Atkinson added, “With these advancements, we can substantially reduce the cost of high-performing, flash-optimised arrays while also cranking-up the performance of affordable, general purpose arrays. Customers can purchase or update existing arrays to benefit from the performance and density of enterprise flash at unparalleled costs.”
Dell’s modern, virtualized storage array architecture enables an inventive approach to intelligently leverage multiple flash types in the same array based on workload goals and usage patterns. With Dell’s patented Data Progression intelligent data placement technology and the release of Dell Storage Center 6.6 array software, Dell Storage SC Series arrays can adopt and optimise new Mainstream RI flash drives based on TLC 3D NAND.

These Mainstream RI drives are the industry’s lowest-cost per gigabyte, highest-density enterprise flash drives, enabling Dell to offer SSDs at approximately the same price per gigabyte as high-end 15K HDDs and up to 24 times performance improvement, up to six times the density, lower latency and lower power consumption.

Dell’s flash-optimised Data Progression software allows Dell and its customers to uniquely leverage leading edge flash technologies to create more affordable, high-performance solutions.
In flash-optimised solutions, Dell now offers arrays that combine the new Mainstream RI flash drives with highest-performing Write-Intensive (WI) flash drives. With this approach, intelligent array software steers all writes to the higher endurance flash and manages writes to the lower cost Mainstream RI drives. This lowers the overall cost of Dell’s enterprise flash array solutions while maintaining high performance.

Dell’s new drive, include the Dell Storage SC8000, SC4020 and SCv2000 Series with hybrid flash or all-flash array configurations. The Dell Storage SC4020 can provide a complete 90 terabyte array in only 2U of rack space, and Storage SC8000 arrays can support 62 percent more flash for a total of up to 3 petabytes of raw flash capacity in a single array.

Dell new flash drives which are available in in capacities up to 3.8 terabytes, will be available from August 2015.
Foremost Information and Communications Technology (ICT)) company, Dell has once more demonstrated leadership in the ICT industry by showcasing its wide array of differentiated products in the market at a breakfast event organized for Chief Information Officers of organizations at the Southern Sun Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos.

According to the ICT giant, the offerings come with standard-based systems which do not lock users solely to its platforms, thereby providing users with an open approach ecosystem, flexible scaling and modular systems as well as end-to end-solutions.

Speaking on Dell’s differentiated offerings at the event, the Enterprise Product Manager, Dell, Mr. Shams Hassan, stated that Dell has lots of differentiated products in the areas of networking and storage.

According to Mr. Hassan, “Dell is not only into laptops and desktops as most people believe; Dell is also a very strong player in server and storage as well as networking.” He added that the peculiarity of Dell’s offerings in these spaces is evident in the users’ open access to other vendors, unlike competitors whose platforms are not shareable.

Showcasing Dell’s solution in storage and networking, Mr. Hassan stated that PowerEdge VRTX integrates servers, storage, networking and management into a single office-optimized chassis and delivers greater simplicity, efficiency and versatility.

He added that VRTX’s Chassis Management Controller (CMC) resolves the problems of systems management tool proliferation and complexity with converged management of server nodes, shared storage, networking and power in a unified tool, all in a single console.

Also addressing participants at the event, the Country Manager, Dell Nigeria, Mr. Akin Banuso, spoke on Dell Precision Workstations, which he referred to as the continuous evolution of technology that helps to boost productivity by integrating latest industry-standard technologies into a highly-reliable platform.

In his words, “Dell understands that downtime is costly. That is why we strive to provide a workstation you can depend on, day-in and day-out. Should a problem arise, Dell has the expertise and services to minimize your downtime and get you back up and running quickly”.

Participants expressed satisfaction with Dell’s offerings, especially in providing efficient and effective end-to-end solutions which help organizations run well, while also charging the company to do a lot more in the creation of awareness for its effective solutions.
On Thursday and Friday last week, the latest Nigerian Breweries offering, Star Radler was out and about in the city of Lagos, touring media houses and treating OAPs and staff to a whale of a time.

A total of seven media houses including Beat FM, Cool FM, Wazobia FM, Nigerian Info, Naij, Galaxy TV, Hip TV were visited by the #DoubleRefreshment team. When asked, Nigerian Breweries Corporate Media & Brand PR Manager, Edem Vindah hinted that the Star Radler tour will continue across Lagos and beyond.

"Star Radler's exciting mix of beer and citrus brings together the best of both worlds and the idea extends to merging work and fun. Star Radler is taking over! We're in Lagos now and Abuja and Port Harcourt are up next! This is the #DoubleRefreshment takeover!"

Nigeria’s number one beer brand, Star lager, recently made history as it unveiled a new brand extension, Star Triple X. Considered as Nigeria’s first beer with extra benefits, Star Triple X is the result of a painstaking research embarked upon by Star lager beer; which had the brand asking
consumers what more it could do for them. Consumers echoed that they wanted ‘extra’. Star ‘listened’ and then responded with Star Triple X.

Star Triple X is a beer that is extra smooth, extra strong and produced with extra African herbs. It contains 14 extra African herbs including bitterkola, kola nut and ginger. This makes it the first ever beer brand in Africa produced with African herbs. The innovative brew was formally unveiled to the public at the Polo Park Mall, Enugu, on Friday, July 3, 2015. The Star Triple X beer launch was wholly dedicated to consumers as the brand constructed an Experience Centre to enable the scores of visitors connect with the new brew.

A gigantic mock Star Triple X bottle was also built. It measured 70 feet from the ground, making it the biggest bottle ever constructed in Nigeria.
The huge bottle could be sighted from afar by people that approached the Polo Park Mall and its environs. Visitors who arrived to witness the launch were taken through the process of brewing Star Triple X at the Experience Centre. The ambience of a brewery was simulated, complete with mild sprinkling of water and bubbles, which are essential components of beer. The screen also beamed a mini-documentary, which revealed the brewing process and ingredients for the product.

The highlight of the Experience Centre tour was when consumers finally got to taste Star Triple X. Obinna Chukwuemeka, a Civil Servant who was at the centre, described his experience as amazing. He said: “I was in the office when I heard on radio that one of Nigeria’s biggest brands would unveil something extraordinary this evening at this venue. It was only when I got here that I realized that the event was about a new product, Star Triple X.
I just came out of the Experience Centre and indeed, it was astonishing. More importantly, I tasted the beer and it was superb. I have switched to
this new brand henceforth.” Uche Anyaebe, an aspiring Nollywood actor described his time at the Experience Centre as unforgettable. He said: “I
have been to some product launches, but the Star Triple X unveil was a brand new experience for me. We were taken through the journey of the production of Star Triple X and I felt as if I was in a brewery. I learnt a lot about Star Triple X today, and I have also tasted it. As they said, this beer is extra smooth, extra strong with extra African herbs.”

On why Star launched the Triple X extension, Mr. Chidike Oluaoha, Senior Brand Manager, Star Nigerian Breweries Plc., emphasized that it was a response to consumers’ demand for extra.  He said:
“We are a consumer inspired and a brand led business and at every particular point in time, we go the extra mile to ensure that we provide superior satisfaction to our consumers. And one way we try to do that is to always check with them to know what they want. We asked the question in our usual way of checking with our consumers, what more do you want? And that question elicited one answer from them and that answer is, we want extra! When we probed deeper, we got more insights into what we needed to do. And that gave birth to Star Triple X.
The Triple X in the name stands for Extra Smooth, Extra Strong and Extra African Herbs. We know that Nigeria is big on herbs. Nigerians believe that herbs have medicinal and health benefits. So we decided to come up with a proposition that will encapsulate the extras that our esteemed consumers want.”

Shedding more light on the uniqueness and extra benefits of the new Star Triple X, Mr. Oluaoha stated that the product is made from 100 per cent barley which makes it extra smooth, while its 5.5 per cent alcoholic volume makes it extra strong. He added that 14 African herbs were selected for the production of the Star Triple X, thus affirming the beer’s status as the first of its kind in Africa.

Speaking on the rationale behind the unique launch of Star Triple X, Mr. Oluaoha further stated:
“Having produced such a fantastic product, we also wanted to introduce it to our consumers in an extra exciting ambience with an extra first-of-its-kind experience. You can’t have a fantastic product like this, the first of its kind in Nigeria and perhaps in the world and just launch it quietly. That is why we’ve built this experience centre. We have the larger-than-life bottle that you see here, the first-of-its kind in Africa and it is quite monumental. Everything that you see here depicts the extras that this product comes with.” 
He added that Star Triple X would soon be available to consumers nationwide.